Kris Rac is an artist and a writer.  History crafts all narratives, shapes nations, and generates our sense of self. It plays a crucial role in Rac’s practice.  They examine the connections we develop with the past through the repetition of performed, visualized, or written motifs. Their work critiques the pressure of homogeneity enforced by national identity and collective thinking at the cost of individual bodies.  

Gender is one major line of inquiry in Rac’s work. Insular groups and the “Bro Culture” of spaces like 4chan, Frat parties, and locker rooms are the theatres where Rac stages much of their work.

Selected Exhibition History

2019 ATELIER XIII, Panská 13, Bratislava, Slovakia.

2019 A7 Rooms Gallery, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia.

2019 Don’t Step On the Grass, 195 Chrystie Street, NY.

2019 Ground Histories, Painting Space 122 Gallery, East Village, NY.

2019 Downstairs Beyond, As of Now Gallery, Brooklyn Hights, NY.


2018 Ghosts of Electricity, Smoke the Moon Gallery; Hollywood, LA.

2018 Barberini or Totes Masc for Samesies, PROTO Gallery, Hoboken, NJ.

2018 Bathers and the Back Room, Four Eleven Gallery, Provincetown, MA.

2018 Greatest Show, Sideshow Gallery; Williamsburg, NY.

2018 Spring Fling, The Footlight; Ridgewood, NY.


2017 Body-ody-ody, 205 Hudson Gallery; New York, NY.

2017 Vive Shelter Benefit, Honey Ramka; Bushwick, NY.

2017 Through the Rabbit Hole, Sideshow Gallery; Williamsburg, NY.

2017 Soft Glances, Tu Casa Space; Maspeth, NY.


2016 Ess Ef Eff at PIVOT, PIVOT Gallery; Chelsea, NY.

2016 Birthday Bash, The Glove; Brooklyn, NY.


2015 Zine Feast; Purchase, NY.


2014 Techne, solo show at the Forum Gallery Space, Purchase, NY.

2014 Cut/Scrape/Smear, Associated Gallery; Brooklyn NY.

2014 My Insomnia, Forum Gallery Space; Purchase, NY.


Current PhD student at the Graduate Center, CUNY; NY.

2017.    MA. Hunter College, CUNY; NY.

2017.    Curatorial Certificate, Hunter College, CUNY

2014.    BFA. Purchase College, SUNY; NY.

2014.    BA. Purchase College,  SUNY; NY.